Ask what you need, share what you have

Become a part of a crowdsourcing community!

Open the world of asking and doing favors and let other people support you in any situation – whether it's related to an individual task, a volunteering initiative or a Q&A forum option. CrowdFavors is a one-stop online solution that allows people all over the world to benefit from the collaborative peer economy and receive firsthand help while others are ready to invest their time and knowledge.

Here are some use cases

Got stuck in another state while your mother is alone in self-isolation? Post a task request and find somebody ready to visit her till you are away.

You are a university professor sitting at home and having some spare time? Why not look at posted favor requests and help some students online?

Did you decide to develop a knack for cooking and need some advice? Post any question to our community and get people sharing their expertise.

You have an idea about how to help people around you? Post your volunteering task and expect some folks to get in.

Never considered to work online? It’s a perfect time to re-define your freelancing options and share your time and skills with somebody seeking for them.

You suddenly got a lot of free time? Make good use of it, learn a new language or practice an old one with someone you found on the platform.

What makes us an unique environment?

A wide range of services

We believe that no favor is too big, too small or too informal to be asked, since people will always need help in different contexts.

Real peer-to-peer contacts

We eliminate the need for an intermediary and foster direct interactions between users through our tailor-made management system.

A place to share your expertise

Everybody has a skill, a professional knowledge or just a doing good mindset which are always in high demand by other users seeking for a various help.

You interact, we hold up

Ask for help or help others

Post your need in just a few clicks or find a posted one for which you can lend a helping hand.

Post your question

Turn to our community of practice in order to get advice and share expertise straight from the source.

Reward and get rewarded

Open your payment account on the platform and monitor all your incomes and outcomes.

Manage your tasks

Operate all of your engagements and chat with your counterparts from your single Decision Board page.

Founding Team

Andrey Grigoryev

Business Relations

Andrey is an accomplished businessman and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in sales and market development.

Luis Miguel Fernandes


Luis is an accomplished manager and financier passionate about technology. Luis has led financial teams in multinational companies in Europe and Africa.

Dmitry Bogorodskiy


As a true programming geek with a decade of software development experience under his belt, Dmitry is the creator of the platform’s architecture and tech solutions.

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